Saturday, March 11, 2006

Welcome to the Brian Tracy International Business Coaching Blog.

My name is Garry Kewish and I am the President of Brian Tracy International as well as one of only three certified Focal Point business coaches in the world.

I spend a large part of my life working with business owners helping them to accelerate their profits and personal income through the use of strategic business coaching from the Brian Tracy Focal Point business coaching program.

Everyday I get asked a ton of question from business owners about business coaching and how to help make businesses globally grow and be wildly profitably so I decided to start this blog to help more entrepreneurs and outstanding sales professionals get better, faster and more profitable results.

I hope that you find the information in this blog absolutely compelling and more importantly useful in your life and business so keep tuned and every time I come up with a new piece of exciting business information or new insight from a coaching call I will share as many as possible with you.

Please take time to look at the information that I place here for you and do not hesitate to ask me your question, I spend quite a large amount of time travelling so sometimes I might not respond to question straight away but I will respond as soon as possible.

Here is to the total success of your business


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